Shonah Landes

Shonah Landes grew up in central Indiana but has primarily been in Huntington since 2009, when she started at Huntington University.
After graduating with a degree in English and Fine Arts in 2012 and no idea how either of those would help her in life, Shonah was offered a job at Bowers Jewelers, our local jewelry store that has been serving our city for over 60 years, where she began her training as a bench jeweler. After a few happy years at Bowers, she had a three-year adventure in Arizona where she further developed her skills and craft as a jeweler. Now back in Huntington at Bowers, she uses her creativity to make and fix beautiful jewelry. 
Outside of work, Shonah also paints (for commission and for fun), sews, bakes, writes, refinishes furniture, and any other artistic endeavor she can try. She enjoys exercising, traveling, reading, and spending time with family. 
Shonah looks forward to using her creative mind and love for art, growth, and beauty to help Huntington County continue to bloom into a more colorful and cultural place that invites and welcomes all people.