The LaFontaine Arts Council was first organized in the early 1970’s. In 1985, the council reorganized. In 1987, the Council was infused with new leadership that reflected a period of steady growth and recognition.
Arts in Education programming was first implemented in all Huntington County Schools in 1990. The Arts in Education series of activities seeks to enhance creative opportunities and strengthen cultural awareness in students in grades PreK-12. Arts in Education is the tool that makes the arts accessible to our students and elevates their ability to learn.
Arts in Education in Huntington is made possible by continuous financial support from businesses, individuals, grant awards and memberships. The LaFontaine Arts Council is dedicated to continuing to offer culturally rich and artistic opportunities important to the quality of life in Huntington County.


The LaFontaine Arts Council strives to make the arts a natural part of daily life and a strong component in our children’s educational curriculum. The Council seeks to promote and present the arts to the entire Huntington community!

Goals and Objectives

  • To ignite creativity in students’ thinking and problem solving through arts in education programming
  • To improve cultural opportunities to the Huntington County community
  • To cultivate an appreciation for the arts and to develop an understanding of various forms of artistic expression
  • To increase awareness of the arts programming opportunities in the region
  • To encourage participation in the arts
  • To encourage citizens to become patrons of the arts
  • To promote an understanding of multicultural differences and diversity
  • To reinforce the importance of positive attitudes and student behavior
  • To further promote the cooperation between educators, the arts community and the LaFontaine Arts Council

Board Members

President: Dana Spahr- Artist
Vice President: Angie Garcia- Artist
Secretary: Jessi Brown-Library Director
Treasurer: Jill Jamison- CPA
Executive Director: Debbie Dyer

Additional Board Members

Paula Bittner- Framer/Business Owner
Robert Blackham-
Erin Didion- Love INC
Adam Drummond- Director of Professional Learning
Barb Drummond- Manufacturing VP
Samantha Garcia- Lake City Bank
Kathryn Garrett- Delaney Hartburg Roth & Garrett
Laura Hughes- Parkview
Lisa Loza-
Kelly Miller- Love INC.
Ruth Reed-Secondary Educator
Ann Siegfried- Retired Educator
Katy Strass- Pathfinder Services

Governance and Management

The Board of Directors of the Lafontaine Arts Council is a diverse group of 21 individuals who volunteer service in each of their areas of expertise. The board determines policy, establishes operational procedures, approves budgets and evaluates programs and activities. An executive director oversees and manages daily operation of the Council, provides leadership and actively participates, along with the board, in fundraising, organizing and implementing programs and activities.